HeartMath® Stress Management Coaching


Be coached in HeartMath‘s Stress Transformation program at our office
or through telephone or Skype sessions from your home or office.

Our HeartMath coaching program takes you through a series of sessions customized and based on your own specific needs and goals.

Course program

  • Discover your core values and what you want most in your life.
  • Learn how to transform the energy put into negative emotions into positive energy using your heart’s intelligence.
  • Learn the scientific underpinnings of the HeartMath System.
  • Learn HeartMath tools and techniques for achieving physical, mental and emotional balance.
  • Learn how to improve mental acuity and problem solving skills.
  • Learn how to enhance your relationships and reduce the stress that results from miscommunication.
  • Learn how to bring more creativity and out of the box thinking to your plans and projects.
  • Discover how to achieve an emotional control in life that enables you to reverse the effects of stress and meet life’s challenges with poise and resiliency.
Contact:       Maria Thompson
HeartMath 1 on 1 Provider
Telephone:  (02) 9412 2500   or   0418 503 727
E-Mail:        info@macquarieinstitute.com