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The Add Heart Facilitator program is a great first step in formally engaging with HeartMath's ecosystem of training programs joining with others around the world to co-create a more heart-connected humanity.

Who Qualifies for this Program?

Anyone who has a desire to help others. It doesn't matter if you are a stay-at-home parent or a physician, teacher or workplace leader, this program is just as much about creating a connection with yourself and the others.

Health Professionals
Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, etc

Getting your patients/clients in a heart-based receptive state at the start of a session or appointment helps them get more out of a session.

Workplace Leaders
Executives, Managers, Administrators, etc

Get you and your team connected and aligned at the start of the meeting and throughout the day. Improve Communication and Performance

Group Facilitators
Yoga Instructors, Mindfulness or Mediation Teachers, personal growth lecturers, etc

Help your audience get more connected to their hearts to enhance the experience you are providing to them.


Help your students gain confidence, focus and be more receptive to learning. Build a more caring empathetic classroom.


Build a more heart-based community by helping your friends and neighbors connect with their hearts.


Strengthen your family by sharing positive qualities of the heart and build a loving and nurturing environment.

Course Outline

Module 1: What is Heart?

Explores heart, physically and emotionally and spritually highlights the value of adding heart qualities to your life, those you care about and the world. Also learn the first step of the Heart Lock-In Technique

Module 2: The Science of Coherence

Discover the unseen, energetic communication between people and the optimal physiological state called 'heart coherence'. Also learn the second step of the Heart Lock-In Technique

Module 3: The Inner Balance Trainer

Experience the award-winning Inner Balance Trainer Technology as it provides you with a real-time window into your emotional state. Also learn how to share this with others

Module 4: Heart-based Emotions

The transformative power of regenerative heart-based emotions and learn Step 3 of the heart Lock-In Technique.

Module 5: Adding Heart to the Lives of Others

Sharing your knowledge. Tips and techniques for adding heart in personal and professional settings.

Module 6: Course Review

Course Review and Inspiration for adding the qualities and science of the heart to all aspects of life.

What's Included?

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