HeartMath’s ®  Coach/Mentor Certification FAQs

Question: Is the Building Personal Resilience  Coach/Mentor program available across Australia and New Zealand?

Answer:  Yes, The course has been taught in Australia since 2001 and all materials for those you will mentor or coach are available locally from Our HQ in Chatswood NSW.

Question: What does the Certification Program allow me to do?

Answer:  The program provides the training and materials you need to effectively mentor and coach people (individually or in small groups of ten or less) in learning and using HeartMath ’s resilience-building and energy self-regulation techniques and supportive processes in their day-to-day lives. You will be able to teach the Building Personal Resilience content to your clients, patients, peers or students, etc. The certification program also grants you a license that allows you to promote yourself as a; “HeartMath®  Certified Coach or Mentor ”

Question: What ’s included in the Certification Program?

Answer:  The main content is the Building Personal Resilience (BPR) program, which includes a complete range of core HeartMath tools, techniques and processes. It also includes the research concepts and theories that form the foundation of the BPR program and instructions for using the emWave®  or Inner Balance ™Trainer technologies.

Learning takes place via six 120-minute webex /phone-based content. Over the course of these classes, you will have the requirement to practice your skills .Course materials include a copy of  Building Personal Resilience –A Handbook for HeartMath Coaches and Mentors   and Building Personal Resilience Guides. Access to additional class materials and resources is also available. You will also need either an emWave or Inner Balance Trainer.

Question: Does the certification allow me to teach the BPR content in public classes, workshops or seminars?

Answer:  This License is limited to the use of HeartMath ’s intellectual property (copyrights, content, techniques, trademarks, etc.) for the mentoring or coaching of individuals or small groups of up to 10 people. Group mentoring or group coaching in this context does not allow for the use of HeartMath content on slides, webinars or social media. The coaching or mentoring must be delivered in real time. This license does not grant permission to present, teach or use HeartMath ’s intellectual property in whole or in part in lectures, seminars or workshops without written permission from HeartMath.

Question: Even though I can ’t deliver workshops or seminars, can I speak to groups about HeartMath and the services I provide?

Answer:  Yes, you can mentor small groups of up to 10 people and you can speak to larger groups as part of your promotional efforts. We hope you will do that and also share your personal experiences and the benefits you and others have gained from the Building Personal Resilience program and HeartMath products. Specific guidelines on how to effectively speak to groups to promote your HeartMath business are addressed during the BPR training.

Question: Do I need to pay a royalty or fee to HeartMath on the income I receive from teaching individuals the Building Personal Resilience program?

Answer:  No. There is no obligation for the payment of royalties on income from your use of HeartMath ’s intellectual property. In lieu of a royalty payment you agree to purchase an approved participant guide or other approved instructional materials or products (e.g. emWave ®technology) for each individual or group client you teach.

Question: Can HeartMath techniques be modified?

Answer:  To maintain the integrity of the HeartMath Institute ’s intellectual property and in order to stay within the guidelines of trademark and copyright law, you may not modify the techniques or create work based on or using any part of the Building Personal Resilience Program. Modifications of the HeartMath techniques and intellectual property are considered derivative works and remain the property of the HeartMath Institute. Modifications include translations, editorial revisions, interpretive matter, annotations, elaborations or other adaptations or forms of presentation that are based on the original HeartMath work. Modifications may be made only with specific written permission from HeartMath. We respect the expertise and experience many people bring to the program and are committed to a fair, collaborative and quick approval process regarding creative applications of BPR.

Question: Can I use the HeartMath techniques with individuals if I am not certified?

Answer:  You don ’t need certification to share your personal experience of the HeartMath techniques and technologies with others. Many individuals have discovered how their own personal use of the tools and techniques can enhance their work with others. If you believe those you work with could benefit from the HeartMath resilience and energy self-regulation tools, we suggest you refer them to the many HeartMath products that are designed for self-learning. Without training and certification, however, no one can promote themselves as a HeartMath Coach/Mentor or charge fees to teach the techniques.

Question: Can I sell HeartMath products to increase my income?

Answer:  Yes. Selling books, materials and the emWave or Inner Balance Trainer technologies can be a substantial income generator as well as a way to provide those you are helping with an effective means of increasing their understanding and use of the resilience- and energy-building tools and processes. In addition to the guides, coaches/mentors can purchase our books, CD ’s, learning programs and emWave or Inner Balance Trainers at discounted prices.

Question: How long is the license good for?

Answer:  The HeartMath Coach/Mentor license is perpetual, automatically renewing every year, provided all HeartMath accounts are current. If after the first year, you wish to continue being listed in our web directory of Certified Resilience Coach/Mentors and purchase products at discounted prices, just pay the $150 annual maintenance fee per year.

Question: To apply, or receive more information:
Answer:  To apply,   Click here!

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