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Managing oneself and the stress inherent in a leadership role is the first – and often most challenging – dimension of modern leadership. The pressures on executives to perform exceptionally, while growing into an ever-changing role as leader, are intense. Effective leadership demands personal resilience, high levels of emotional intelligence, and the ability to lead others through constant change with skills, compassion and grace. In addition to that, coherence is essential.

Through more than a decade of research, HeartMath has discovered that coherence is at the heart of both personal and organisational growth and success. Coherence is focus, clarity, and synchronisation. At the individual level coherence is the synchronisation of brain and heart -- intellect and emotion -- allowing the leader to find clarity and emotional poise in the midst of chaos. At the organisational level, coherence creates a balanced integration of strategic and operational realities.

The Executive Suite

The innovative Inner Quality Management (IQM)® process rapidly develops personal and organisational coherence. Featured in the Harvard Business Review, IQM is the basis for our scientifically-validated suite of high-impact executive programs:


"I took the private HeartMath executive training and found the tools to be very effective. I have experienced a reduction of stress, increased focus, improved communication skill and awareness. The tools and software are easily applied during the day, and provide added clarity and insight.. In today's high pressure global climate, I see HeartMath as required skills for advanced executive performance."

Steve Krise, General Manager, Space, Land & Sea, Hamilton Sundstran

"If there is hope for a real transformation from the information age to the knowledge age--and what lies beyond--the concepts presented here are central to it... a tonic for our times."

Claudia Welss, Director, Berkeley Center for Executive Development,
Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

Additional information

HeartMath’s Power to Change Performance program – and emWave technology -- are now part of MBA and executive education programs at London Business School, Columbia Business School and Stanford University Graduate School of Business to support leadership development among senior business leaders. In the USA and UK there are many examples of HeartMath being a valuable component of well known leadership and Business schools. Articles have been published in many journals and magazines: theWall St Journal and Harvard Business Review to name just two.

Ask for our case studies and results to see programs results and hear what executives from top global companies, small and mid-sized companies, hospitals and government organisations say about their experience with HeartMath's leadership programs.

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