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Maximize Performance. Enhance Health & Well-Being. Reduce Stress.

"Some see HeartMath as stress reduction. Some say it helps their family life and their productivity. Our focus was both cost and productivity on the 767-400ER program. HeartMath gave our team the coherence we needed to come in under budget--on time--with productivity gains of up to 12%."

Steve Stephenson, Sr. Manager OD,
Engineering & Product Integrity, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

HeartMath's organisational Coherence Programs are high performance, research-based, multi-phase solutions that have demonstrated dramatic results in Fortune 500 companies worldwide. HeartMath's unique solutions:

  • Have twelve years of scientific validation internationally
  • Have proven results in Australia, New Zealand & Asia
  • Provide practical tools and skills that can be implemented immediately
  • Link program effectiveness to specific business measures and ROI
  • Address the whole person--mentally, emotionally, and physically
  • Are based on the Inner Quality Management (IQM)® model, featured in the Harvard Business Review

Benefits for the organisation and for the Individual
organisational benefits include:

  • increased productivity and performance
  • reduced turnover
  • improved employee satisfaction and engagement
  • improved customer loyalty
  • decreased health care utilisation
  • decreased absenteeism and sick leave

Substantial scientific research has shown that these organisational benefits arise because of dramatic improvements from addressing elevated risk factors associated with workplace stress:

  • cognitive function
  • emotional well-being
  • physiological health
  • blood pressure
  • cardiovascular function


"...HeartMath's Inner Quality Management system has provided ideal and simple tools for the internal transformation within our people. The results speak for themselves. Our airline, Cathay Pacific, now prides itself on delivering an individual style of service, straight from the heart. This has resulted in consistently being rated as having the best in-flight service in the world."

Peter Buecking, Director, Sales and Marketing,
Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd, Hong Kong

The Power to Change Performance: HeartMath's flagship one-day program encompasses the first two dynamics of the IQM model to transform stress, boost performance, communication skills, collaboration, engagement; facilitate emotional balance and well-being. The goal: individuals and teams who are active creators of a healthy, productive workplace climate. Includes four practical techniques is delivered by HeartMath's master trainers.

The Power to Change organisations is an advanced course that is designed for intact teams and managers to take the HeartMath program deeper into cultural rejuvenation and the establishment of new, productive organisational behaviors.

emWave®--Heart Monitor Learning System
A key component of the program is our award-winning peak performance software for reducing stress, boosting performance, accelerating learning and improving health. The emWave is an easy to use software program with a pulse sensor that displays your heart rhythms in real time, and shows you not only how stress is affecting you but also trains you to achieve the high performance state. You will observe your progress as you practice, use games to improve your techniques, and track your results over time.

emWave units are typically part of course materials, or can be shared "kiosk" style by groups of employees and for personal weekend use.

emWave Workshop is a four-hour workshop including introduction to HeartMath research behind the technology, hands on training on the software, stress reduction tools.

Special Events and Meetings
HeartMath's officers and senior trainers are also available for special leadership events, meetings, off sites and executive gatherings. Formats can range from 90 minutes to 2-days.

  • To introduce an inspiring, innovative element that adds coherence to the event.
  • To provide essential communication tools before a challenging agenda.
  • As an extra day to renew and provide tools for ongoing balance, vitality, health and high performance.
  • To provide tools that facilitate productive discussion around a critical issue.
  • To respond to the need for effectively addressing the stress and pressures of change.

Executive Readiness
This is a private, focused program for executives who prefer to learn the solutions in a 1-on-1 format that fits their schedule. This session includes the interactive emWave software technology to accelerate and sustain learning, and to track progress in real-time. This process facilitates improvements in personal performance, leadership capacity, stress reduction, emotional management, decision making, communication, and relationship skills.

Internal Train--the--Trainer
HeartMath has a successful ten-year track record in training exceptional trainers to effectively deliver the HeartMath programs. Both Power to Change Performance and the emWave Workshop can be delivered by our client's internal trainers.

Aust/NZ/Asia: If you have more than 500 employees going through the program, HeartMath's organisational License and Train the Trainer program can reduce your per person cost.

The organisational License program includes a four-day trainer training course held at one of our training loaction in Aust/ NZ or for 5 or more trainers, the training program can be held at your site.

Quality Assurance
HeartMath staff provides ongoing care and attention to the program throughout the contract period to ensure excellent outcomes. Services include: pre and post outcomes evaluations, daily and weekly reminders for all program participants, consultation with HeartMath Master Trainers, trainer support, progress updates, and quality assurance site visits.

Because a core competency of the HeartMath System is its research capability, a variety of metrics including key performance indicators, health care cost metrics, and psychometric data can be utilised to accurately evaluate the program's ROI and effectiveness at each stage of piloting and implementation. Conversations with your HR and business leaders will be undertaken to determine the metrics that will yield the appropriate business and personal outcomes.

Personal and organisational Quality Assessment
HeartMath's Personal and organisational Quality Assessment (POQA) is an 85 item self-report inventory designed to reflect key elements of performance, personal health and organisational quality. It provides unique and critical information on stress symptoms, job satisfaction, intent to leave the job, communication effectiveness, goal clarity, alignment with strategic objectives and more.
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