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Contact Center surveys continue to confirm that the majority of customers base their impression of a company on their interaction with the contact center agents and other front-line employees. HeartMath knows that it's essential for agents to accurately handle customer issues and problems. And just as importantly, for agents to know how to interact with their customers in order to build a relationship of loyalty and brand preference.

As contact centers have evolved, agents have taken on a more consultative role--assessing customer needs, making cross-sell and up-sell decisions, and doing whatever it takes to get, keep and grow customers. Workforce management technology and CRM are enabling enterprises to build contact centers filled with better-qualified agents, contributing to greater customer satisfaction and improved job satisfaction, as well.

Amidst this evolving and increasingly demanding contact center environment is the pervasive issue of how stress deflates and diminishes the ability of the agent (and manager) to perform against these growing and challenging tasks. Agents, now more than ever, require the techniques and tools that enable them to remain focused, balanced, de-stressed, and productive in their multi-functional roles.

Contact center management has several options. They can train their agents:

  • In soft skills, which teaches them how to interact with people more effectively.
  • In product knowledge, as well as company policies so they are knowledgeable.
  • How to handle customers in different situations.
  • How to effectively use the work force automation technologies of CRM.

While management can attain better operating efficiency through these training methods, they may still lack the focus on the one catalyst that can make all of these training and technology initiatives synergize in order to boost productivity to levels that transform their contact center to a profit center. HeartMath knows--through its 11 years of research--that this missing catalyst is effectively managing the debilitating stress that compromises all facets of agent and manager performance.

With the onslaught of the new call center technologies, managers can forecast arrival patterns and call volumes, or they can use algorithms to match agents to customer problems, but the necessary skills of to effectively deal with stress, a customer crisis, and all the pressures to perform in every dimension of one's life--is the real catalyst that can transform your organisation.

Why? Because agents are perceptive and insightful. They know when workflow is automated or they're trained on new products that they are not being developed as individuals so much as becoming cogs in the wheel. When you provide your agents with the tools to manage their emotional state in real time, and the emotional connection to their customer is more important than reducing call times, you demonstrate that they are value producers that create brand preference and loyalty. And they respond accordingly.

HeartMath has proven that its technology, techniques and tools boost and sustain productivity in world-class Fortune 50 enterprises as well as mid-sized companies, and this is its distinction. It is not our opinion or rhetoric, it is the opinion of our clients and the results of our scientific measurement process. You can see some of this in the testimonials below. We also invite you to review our White Paper, ROI Study and 8-Steps Monograph. Each of these is available as a free Adobe PDF document.

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The Power of Coherent Customer Service
Building a High Performance Call Center

In this 7-hour workshop, HeartMath combines science and business, delivering high impact tools that create measurable and sustainable results in Contact Centers. Substantial scientific research has shown that HeartMath programs produce dramatic improvements in agent/manager productivity and well-being, which in turn helps them interact more effectively with end-customers.
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Client Testimonials

"I just wanted to say, "Thanks!" for the great session yesterday. I practiced the techniques in the afternoon, on the way home, and at bedtime, and I don't feel my usual afternoon blahs. Not only that, I'm actually getting a bunch of critical stuff done, and my resting pulse is around 5 beats lower that usual. All I can say is, "Wow!"

- Sr. Systems Engineer, Customer Success Engineering, Cisco Systems

"The most noticeable outcome from the HeartMath program has been a big shift in the relationships in the management team, which was immediately noticeable by the staff and generated a positive, caring culture for the customers."

- Laura Page, HR Director, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, San Francisco

" People are giving the customers time to vent and because they use [HeartMath's] Freeze-Frame technique, they can hear the entire message. The combination of Freeze-Frame to not get engaged in the customers' stress, and [Coherent Communication] skills has allowed them to solve customer problems more effectively so they are coming up with better solutions to customer issues. They are able to diffuse the situation and move to problem solving so we are building customer loyalty."

- Jim Moore, Sr. Manager, Hewlett-Packard

"The HeartMath programs have given us tools to make the difference between required courtesy and genuine care... We have achieved our benchmarks in excellence in patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction. I believe without HeartMath, we could not have reached our potential."

- Tom Wright, COO, Delnor-Community Hospital

"... HeartMath's Inner Quality Management system has provided ideal and simple tools for the internal transformation within our people. The results speak for themselves. Our airline, Cathay Pacific, now prides itself on delivering an individual style of service, straight from the heart. This has resulted in consistently being rated as having the best in-flight service in the world."

- Peter Buecking, Director, Sales and Marketing,
Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong

" I would say that everyone should attend this course, especially working in the high technology industry. I can directly apply what I learned in this course to the challenges of my daily workload as well as to other areas in my life. Thanks!"

- Jason Hunt, Customer Support Engineer

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