The Power to Change Performance


.A One-Day Inner Quality Management® Program

You need to respond dynamically and effectively to the pressure of accelerating speed and change. This high impact, one-day program delivers a practical skill-set for executives, senior managers and front line staff to do just that. HeartMath's The Power to Change Performance combines science and business management to deliver tools and strategies for improving performance, reducing stress, improving communication skills and teamwork, effectively managing work and personal life balance issues and increasing the satisfaction of both employees and customers. Tested on four continents, the Power to Change Performance program can create powerful, sustainable business results.

In this one-day program you will learn:

  • how to be less reactive, think clearly and make good decisions, especially under pressure.
  • tools to dramatically improve communication with customers, teams and one-on-one.
  • four powerful HeartMath techniques that transform your physiological response to stress.
  • how to activate and maintain "big picture" vision.
  • how to generate innovative ideas and bring them into practical application.
  • how the emWave® interactive software can help you achieve performance breakthroughs.
  • innovative strategies for creating a strong organisational culture and esprit de corps.
You and your staff will receive a comprehensive set of materials to extend your learning, including HeartMath's award-winning emWave peak performance software learning tool for rapid skill development and integration of classroom material.

Participant Materials may Include:

  • Program guidebook
  • Practice-tool: emWave peak performance interactive software package
  • Practice-tool: Heart Zones music (CD)--researched and developed to help revitalize physiology
  • Practice-tool:From Chaos to Coherence CD-ROM
  • Practice-tool: Skills card

Metrics for ROI
The program also includes use of the Personal and organisational Quality Assessment (POQA), a normed and validated survey instrument to measure changes in communication effectiveness, productivity, job satisfaction, stress and well-being indicators, and more.

For Information
Telephone: (02) 9412 2500 (Australia)
Telephone: +61 2 9412 2500 (International)

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