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Real Time Technology for Exceptional Business Results

"The CSE leadership team went to this class a few weeks ago. The consensus is that we highly recommend offering this for the whole group… it can really be effective."

Syd Garrett, Director,
Customer Success Engineering, Cisco Systems

Creating the High Performance Zone

The pace and complexity in today's workplace continues to accelerate. So does stress. As organisations struggle to regain market share, win back customer confidence, create winning cultures that keep their best talent, and "do more with less," a powerful new technology provides a significant advantage.

Called the emWave®, this award-winning patented, interactive technology enables your team to make rapid progress on the critical business issues you're facing by operating in the "zone of high performance" on demand.

Based on the latest innovations from neuroscience and cardiovascular medicine, the emWave software gives you instant feedback on how you're performing--and teaches you how to quickly boost your performance--utilising Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a key measure and predictor of overall health and vitality. Featured on ABC World News Tonight, CNN and in the Harvard Business Review, the PC-based emWave tracks in real time how attitudes and the emotional response to stress affect heart rhythms, which in turn greatly impacts cognitive performance, learning ability, mental clarity, creativity, and overall health.

"An effective tool for me to deal with stress and to increase my productivity, clarity of thinking, intuitive listening and energy… What better time than now?"

Fortune 500 Vice President,
Environment, Health and Safety

Global powerhouses like Shell, Sony, Boeing, BP, and Cisco are all learning that the emWave software--and the techniques taught with it--will enable you and your organisation to quickly reduce stress and shift to optimal learning and high performance state, leading to a host of exceptional business results. The emWave also represents a performance breakthrough by boosting the effectiveness of all the training your organisation provides.

In this four hour workshop, you will learn:

  • Tools to be less reactive, think clearly and make good decisions, especially under pressure.
  • How to improve health, stamina and well-being; maintain personal balance and avoid stress and burnout.
  • The most up-to-date scientific information on the heart's role in boosting performance and intelligence, and how to achieve the optimal performance zone.
  • Three powerful HeartMath® techniques that transform your physiological response to stress, enabling you to quickly re-balance mind, body and emotions for greater intelligence, creativity, decision-making and communication skills.
  • All the functions, games and educational content of the emWave to maximize your learning experience, while boosting your health and performance.
  • How the HeartMath program can be customised to target your organisational issues.

Participant materials include:

  • Program guidebook
  • emWave software/hardware system
  • From Chaos to Coherence CD ROM

"Like many organisations, the organisation I work for is performance driven--it's data driven--and people like to see the proof that something works. HeartMath gives you that proof."

Dr. Chris Roythorne, Vice President,
Health, BP

You don't have to guess if you are in a high performance zone anymore. Your organisation doesn't have to wait until stress goes away. With the emWave, you can create new high performance skills immediately. This four-hour skill-building workshop will give you the tools and technology you need now.


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