The Power to Change organisations


.....Day 2 of the Inner Quality Management® Program

The Power to Change organisations Workshop is based on the premise that when people have tools to manage their intellectual and emotional processes (and reactions), they can become active creators of a healthier workplace climate and even regain organisational vitality where it may have been lost. Once a critical mass of individuals within an organisation, team, department or division reaches a new level of mental and emotional self-management it will create a momentum that cannot be stopped. As a result, the organisation will become more resilient, adaptable, innovative, productive and efficient. And a better place to work.

The same qualities that boost individual health and performance are also essential for an organisation's health and performance. The Power to Change organisations applies the theories of coherence and tools learned in The Power to Change Performance workshop, to the organisation. It is designed especially for intact teams as well as supervisor and management development programs.

In this one-day workshop you'll learn:

  • the elements of a healthy and productive workplace climate
  • a powerful technique to build and sustain resilient teams
  • the keys to making well-informed decisions under pressure
  • an innovative tool to generating creative ideas and bring them to practical application
  • proven guidelines for how to conduct more efficient and productive meetings
  • innovative strategies for creating a strong organisational culture and esprit de corps

Participant Materials Include:

  • Power to Change organisations guidebook

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