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As well as our office in Sydney Australia, we have also have corporate offices outside Silicon Valley California, in the United States, and sister companies headquartered in London, UK; Netherlands; France and South Korea. HeartMath serves a range of global clients, including Fortune 100 companies, businesses of all sizes, and state and federal agencies. HeartMath combines research-based techniques and unique technology to help companies achieve their strategic objectives for growth and sustainability through the development of their leadership, sales and service strategies, while reducing the stress of change and uncertainty.

HeartMath is the world's leader in helping organisations build coherence within their business through the use of its innovative Inner Quality Management (IQM) framework, the foundation for a suite of high-impact business programs designed for individual executives, leadership teams, and staff levels. We encourage you to review our case studies and learn more about HeartMath's business solutions and how they deliver ROI and meaningful, long-term results.


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Business and Industry
Agilent • AT&T • Bank of Montreal • Boeing • BP• Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) • Cisco Systems • DuPont • EMC • Hamilton Sunstrand • Harley-Davidson Motor Co • Hewlett-Packard • HSBC • International Center for Leadership in Finance • LifeScan • Liz Claiborne • Logitech • Lucent • Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group • Mexx • McKinsey • Motorola • Otis • Packard Foundation • Pfizer • Pitney Bowes • Purolator • Prudential • Redken * Shell • Sprint PCS • Sony • Stanford Graduate School of Business • Tellabs • Unilever • United Technologies Corp

Federal/State Agencies
BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) • California Department of Justice • California Department of Corrections • CalPERS • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) • International Finance Corporation • Jefferson Government Relations • NASA – Goddard Space Flight Center • Phoenix Fire Department • San Francisco Sheriff's Department • San Jose Bureau of Fire Prevention • U.S. Forest Service • The World Bank

For Information
Telephone: (02) 9412 2500 (Australia)
Telephone: +61 2 9412 2500 (International)
E-Mail: info@macquarieinstitute.com.au

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