"I first discovered the simplicity and power of the HeartMath tools in 1994 while directing the Emerging Technologies Center at Motorola. In several projects there, we found that the HeartMath tools and technology provide an essential -- and measurable -- platform for the next advance in leadership and personal development. While the concept of coherence applied to performance improvement is exciting, seeing new solutions emerge from complex issues creates hard value. HeartMath has become as essential to my personal and professional life as any management skills I have ever learned."

Ron Cruickshank, Ph.D.,CEO,
Thorlo, Inc.

"Thank you for the excellent contribution the HeartMath program has made to the Stanford Executive Program over the past seven years. I have seen that the HeartMath tools provide our executive participants with very important and highly relevant skills for managing large, complicated organisations anywhere in the world, and for managing oneself. In this increasingly competitive global environment, the skills you have taught these leaders provide them with both the confidence and the strategies to transition back to their environments with a minimal level of stress and an optimal level of effectiveness."

Beverly H. Smith, Administrative Director,
Stanford Executive Program

"I took the private HM executive training and found the tools to be very effective. I have experienced a reduction of stress, increased focus, improved communication skill and awareness. I find the tools helpful in dealing effectively with challenges. The tools and software are easily applied during the day, and provide added clarity and insight. The Heart Mapping tool is a great idea generator, especially for solutions involving people and team dynamics. In today's high pressure global climate, I see HeartMath as required skills for advanced executive performance."

Steve Krise, General Manager,
Space, Land & Sea, Hamilton Sundstrand

"The HeartMath program has allowed me to easily de-stress myself amidst the numerous challenges and opportunities that are part of any leader's daily regimen. Since the HeartMath training, I find I can respond to the deluge of demands and priorities with more focus and near absence of agitation, and therefore far more readily make well-reasoned, thoughtful decisions."

Jack Peterson, Vice President,
Performance Improvement & OD Services,
Sierra Providence Hospital Network (a Tenet Hospital)

"Today's global business culture is fast paced, competitive and requires long, focused hours. The HeartMath Executive training has given me essential tools for operating effectively in this climate while maintaining my performance, health and control. I have appreciated a growing ability to be calm and energised at the same time, taking things in stride while keeping the multiple priorities in perspective."

Gunder Creager, Senior Vice President
Colliers International

"As an executive in a company at the forefront of today's accelerating, technical world, I found the HeartMath tools very effective for controlling stress and improving communication, problem solving, focus and productivity. I've found it as useful in handling major situations as it is in getting volumes of paperwork done or discriminating finer priorities. The increased coherence enables you to sustain a certain "flow," operating on a wider bandwidth where small stuff doesn't bother you. I find it easier to understand many angles at once including appreciating the value of your people.

I suspect this would have a significant impact on safety as well by improving focus and engagement and reducing the stress reactions that can divert attention and care.

I have recommended this to my staff."

Fortune 500 Vice President,
Aerospace Mechanical Manufacturing

"The global need for leadership wisdom and balance is on the minds and in the conversations of most executives here in Washington. Clearly, this change needs to start with the individual. Of all the tools, methods and learning programs I've come across for leaders, HeartMath's blend of science and advanced leadership skills is most effective, developing new intelligence for solving new problems. My personal experience has been life-changing."

Bob Morgan, President,
Bottom Line Partners, McLean, VA

"This is a great set of leadership tools. I can now recognise and deal with stress as it comes. I find myself much more aware of when I have become angry or frustrated... I recognise and use the tools to restore balance and a more positive attitude. Another benefit of using Heartmath is I don't wake up tired anymore. I plan better, and am able to be more direct with people."

Sam Ruffing, MS, RN, Vice President,
Methodist Health System

"HeartMath has its roots in science. It has a hard core to it."

John Quinlivan, Vice President,
747 & 767 Airplane Programs, Boeing

"Like many organisations, the organisation I work for is performance driven--its data driven--and people like to see the proof that something works. HeartMath gives you that proof."

Chris Roythorne, MD, VP,
Health, BP

"The CSE leadership team and a few others went to this class a few weeks ago. The consensus from that class is that we highly recommend offering this for the whole group... it can really be effective if you use it."

Syd Garrett, Director,
Customer Success Engineering, Cisco Systems

"While I have experienced that stress management and productivity are key outputs of HeartMath training, I have also seen that continued application of your tools can have an almost immediate (& definitely long term) improved capacity for self awareness & self control. I have not encountered any other 'workshop' that can deliver on this."

David Hardy, Business Creativity/Employee Involvement,
Personal & Commercial Client Group , Bank of Montreal

"I completed the 4 week individual executive telephone coaching session and found it to be an effective tool for me to deal with stress and to increase my productivity, clarity of thinking, intuitive listening and energy. I see HeartMath as a management tool to help boost employee performance, creativity, and health resulting in greater productivity, reduced absenteeism and better attitudes. What better time than now?"

Fortune 500 Vice President,
Environment, Health and Safety

"I was becoming desperate. I did not know what to do because my blood pressure readings were consistently around 155/95 with some readings as high as 170/110. It has now been 4 months since the seminar. I have witnessed my average heart rate drop by nearly 10 points. My blood pressure is consistently below 120/80 and I have even measured it at 97/75. I canot recall readings like this in over 20 years."

Terry Miller, Sr. Manager,
Process Engineering, Hewlett-Packard Co.

"HeartMath's core approach and its related programs are the right tools for today's corporate environment. These tools yield remarkable results. Among these results are clarity of thought and innovative action which are clearly needed in today's business environment. It is working for me and it can work for you."

Lucius C. Tripp, MD, MPH, Division Head,
Occupational Medicine, Henry Ford Health Systems; former Regional Medical Director, General Motors; Principal, Wellness Group Inc.

"If there is hope for a real transformation from the information age to the knowledge age--and what lies beyond--the concepts presented here are central to it. The "silk threads that connect the brain and the heart" are made visible, and the case for realizing their potential in business is compelling. A tonic for our times."

Claudia Welss, Director, Berkeley Center for Executive Development,
Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

"Since the HeartMath training, agents are listening to a customer's complaint in a new way: they can hear the entire message. Agents no longer get engaged in the customers' stress and their new skills allow them to solve customer problems more effectively. Agents easily diffuse the tension and move straight to solving the customer's problem. Now we are able to build lasting customer loyalty."

Jim Moore, Sr. Manager,
Workforce Development & organisational Effectiveness, Hewlett-Packard Co.

"Some see HeartMath as stress reduction. Some say it helps their family life and their productivity. Our focus was both cost and productivity on the 767-400ER program. HeartMath gave our team the coherence we needed to come in under budget--on time--with productivity gains of up to 12%."

Steve Stephenson,Sr. Manager OD,
Engineering & Product Integrity, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

"Provocative and highly practical approach at the heart of business and personal success in the next millennium... [HeartMath is] a potent combination of biomedical and research validation with heart-based technology."

Ken Blanchard, co-author,
The One-Minute Manager and Gung Ho

"Being at the vortex of the high-tech industry is very stressful. Using the HeartMath techniques...have literally added ten years to my life!"

Patricia B. Seybold, CEO,
the Patricia Seybold Group, and author of Customers.com: How to Create a Profitable Business Strategy for the Internet and Beyond and The Customer Revolution

" HeartMath is significant both as a discovery and as a definition. Thanks to [From Chaos to Coherence by Doc Childre and Bruce Cryer], this remarkable internal technology of the human body is unlikely to again be forgotten. As news of the techniques spread, HeartMath will become part of the (lexicon) of human behavior, part of everyone's life."

Scott Shuster, Founding Director,
Executive Programs, Business Week

" HeartMath has given us tools to make the difference between required courtesy and genuine care. We have achieved our benchmarks in excellence in patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction. I believe without HeartMath, we could not have reached our potential."

Tom Wright, Chief Operating Officer,
Delnor-Community Hospital

" ...a gift to every individual and organisation striving to make a difference, not just a living, in today's pressure-filled society...HeartMath advances the future by putting inner leadership at the forefront, where it should be."

Robert K. Cooper, Ph.D.,
author of Executive EQ

" ...HeartMath's Inner Quality Management system has provided ideal and simple tools for the internal transformation within our people. The results speak for themselves. Our airline, Cathay Pacific, now prides itself on delivering an individual style of service, straight from the heart. This has resulted in consistently being rated as having the best in-flight service in the world."

Peter Buecking, Director, Sales and Marketing,
Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd, Hong Kong

" Don't underestimate the power of HeartMath tools. Their simplicity and ease of use are compelling in today's roller coaster world. In our online, wired lives HeartMath gives us a way to reclaim control and regain clarity about the "who, what, when, where and why" that can get lost when we move at internet speed."

Buddy Teaster, Chief Networking Officer,
Young Presidents organisation

" The background physiology and the science underpinning [HeartMath] are absolutely sound, which is why we went ahead with pilot studies at Shell. Seeing a self-induced change in their own heart rhythms impressed the company's otherwise skeptical engineers."

Dr. Graham Bridgewood, Chief Medical Officer,
Shell International

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